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BLASPHEMY RITES "Demo I '02" [POL 2002]

Quite a few years ago, when I still had my hair (and my beard looked more like pubic hair), being a newbie fan of Darkthrone, Emperor and Mayhem, I somehow managed to lay my filthy hands on some underground Polish black metal compilation. The BLASPHEMY RITES song 'Goat Vomit' was there somewhere and I tell you this - even though the rest of the songs sucked ass it was still worth to spend my pennies on that CD. BLASPHEMY RITES struck me with it's totally underground, obscure, fuck-off attitude. The atmosphere of the song was sick and diabolical. It was like a pure necroadrenaline pumped into my young veins. Emperor suddenly sounded like pussies and Mayhem's 'Grand Declaration...' did no longer seem to me like a 'horizon-broadening experience', but like a riffless, sexless shit . With erection like I've never had before I managed to order their demo tape under a sophisticated and enigmatic title 'Demo I'. And that was it. This isn't a well known band, yet it happened so, that BLASPHEMY RITES opened my eyes to this darker side of metal unknown to me then - this chaotic, necrotic, ultra raw, barbaric groove well-known from the recordings of BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT, ARCHGOAT or BLACK WITCHERY. This is something one may like or dislike and I understand that, but to me 'Demo I' means a lot. It would still mean a lot even if I knew Beherit or Archgoat earlier, cause it's still a solid piece of metal worth listening to. They don't sound like Vader, yet they kick ass as well. Their music is not multi-complex like Behemoth, but one can still listen to it again and again. They aren't as heavy as Azarath - but I guarantee that this music will give you something to remember about. This priceless experience which I expressed in the title of this review. This band had a potential back then in 2002 and it still has now. If your ears can stand a short time without Opeth or some other progressive ball-licking metalette - look for BLASPHEMY RITES and feel the fuckin' essence. I recommend this band to every metalhead. Face obliteration!.

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